Zinc die casting. Precision Die Cast strives to produce a clean, pleasant, productive, and professional environment. We take great pride in our abilities, workmanship and company. We are dedicated to serving our customers needs in a way other companies will not. Investing in leading technology allows us to better attain cost efficiency and quality product. We maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment that encourages diversity, new ideas, and hard work with an ultimate goal of total customer satisfaction. Precision Die Cast specializes in producing high volume miniature to medium sized zinc die cast components up to 1/2 pound. Most components are cast net shape with no secondary trimming or machining. We cast all zinc alloys 2, 3, 5, 7, ZA8, and are one of approximately five die casters in the United States authorized to cast General Motors proprietary zinc alloy AcuZinc. [more]

Our Services

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    Multi-slide die casting is a fast, cost effective manufacturing process which [more]
    We employ local coating vendors whenever possible! [more]
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    Light assembly. We would review any customer needs!< [more]
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    Precision Die Cast, Inc. can meet your prototyping needs. [more]